Monday, February 28, 2011

So far....

Yesterday I spread the word and now there are others spreading the word.
I have set up this blog and to be honest I am stumbling about a bit. I will get it sorted, just need to concentrate.
Today has been amazing! Talking about Gathering Hearts may take time away from actually making them but the end result will be more than I could ever make!
I don't think there is a minute in the day when the word Christchurch isn't in my head. Sometimes with nothing other than the word. It is what is in the hearts of others that have helped launch this journey and the Gathering has begun.

It all started thus....

I am gathering hearts for Christchurch. Not heart blocks in the quilting sense but ‘hanging’ hearts.
Two heart shapes sewn together, stuffed or not, embellished, embroidered, CQ’d, quilted, plain or fancy, felt or fabric or anything goes. Add a loop at the top.
However many inches high that you care to make. For ease of postage, envelope size is a good measurement.
Also for ease of postage you can send them flat, leave an opening and add a note “Please stuff me” I have a couple of non sewers on stuffing.
You can choose to sign them on the back and add a message. It would be nice to have at least the area they come from.
This is just a small measure of something nice to give in this terrible time.
A heart is a symbol of caring and I know we all feel an overpowering desire to do something.