Monday, August 29, 2011

The Flying Geese Patchwork & Quilt Group

Beautifully stitched hearts from this group of fine ladies in Snettisham, Norfolk, UK. (These are hot off the press as they only arrived a couple of hours ago)!
Heartfelt thanks to you all.


.... heart maker from somewhere in New Zealand (no postmark).
Many thanks for these lovely hearts.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Roll Call.

I am typing my fingers down to (or is it up to) my elbows. The names of every heart maker will be on record.... my handwritten book I used to record hearts as they arrived is a little untidy. I had to make all sorts of notes so I could work out which hearts were from who and have the correct photo number alongside, or hwich hearts needed stuffing etc.... but as a public record??? I think not!
I'm up to the 14th page of names and it is such fun revisiting you all. Lots of meandering down Memory Lane. I am useless at remembering phone numbers but these powerful hearts are etched in my brain and my heart.

I have a little something to show you.... more hearts but also two handmade books into which all the cards and letters have been added. Come back and visit for that....first I must carry on recording you all in a neat and tidy manner!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

From Christchurch, England

Dudsbury Quilters in Winkton, Christchurch have made this selection of hearts. (I visited this Christchurch  when I was tripping about Dorset just a few years ago).
Two hearts missed their photo shoot....I will add them later.
Heartfelt thanks to you all.

Found them!!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

For some reason....

....Blogger won't allow me to comment in the comments on my own blog! So here I am replying to Pam Day, UK.
You can email me on

I thought my email address was accessible via the blog but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Still arriving....

Hearts are still arriving! I am still accepting hearts. I will never refuse any!
I have two packages of hearts from the UK to stuff before posting pictures but made slightly difficult as I forgot to buy the stuffing when I went to town! Oh well, they will just need to wait a little longer before their photo shoot.!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Weobley....

....Herefordshire, England, is a craft group run by Gwen. This band of stitchers, mainly in their 70's have contributed these hearts. The hearts travelled to New Zealand in someones personal luggage and then posted in New Zealand....a very special delivery.
Thank you all very much.

Two from Geelong....

The heart on the left was made by Anne. The other is not named and there was no note in the package which is the same package that Natalie's were in. Many thanks for these lovely hearts.

From Cornwall

These great hearts and lovely stitchery are from Patsy in Launceston.
Check back on this post as there are even more hearts from Patsy to be stuffed and added to the blog.
Heartfelt thanks.
....and there they are!

Natalie has ....

.... been at it again.
I recognised this style of heart when this great package arrived. Many thanks, Natalie (Werribee, Australia) for another fantastic bunch of hearts.

The cat ....

.... came back!
When there were thousands of hearts here, the cat was totally disinterested and went nowhere near them. Maybe the odd, haughty, walk past! Now she seems to have appointed herself Guardian of the hearts!
As I was stuffing and stitching up openings on these hearts, Cleo seemed to think the only possible place for a snooze was in the basket of hearts!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Now we have....

.... 4078 !!!


Do you remember the slippers?
Here's a reminder ....
These fantastic Slippers of Soul were knitted by Ondrea and her Mum (Australia). They were taken from Napier to Christchurch by Barbara, a new friend of mine.
They have been disributed through the Methodist Mission in Christchurch. Sixteen pairs went to elderly pensioners affected by the earthquake.
Pair #17 went to Barbara's 92 year old aunt who suffered a broken leg in one of the shakes. I hear she hasn't taken them off !!! Lovely story and hopefully we will hear more.

When they aren't dancing ....

....they are stitching! These hearts come from Middlesex, UK. Sent by Suzanna and made by the members of her Egyptian Dance Class. Also contributing to this selection were boys from Keble School in Winchmore Hill.
Heart felt thanks to you all!

From W Sussex

Four lovely hearts from Angela. Thank you very much.

Just keeping.... eye on the mail!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh so many....

....lovely hearts have arrived this week. LOTS of them!
There is a whole lot of stuffing to do.
I even thought I was going slightly mad (der)! A Royal mail envelope with NZ stamps on it! How exciting to have a package travelling here in personal baggage by a friend of the maker.
So, I am stuffing hearts and should have pics on here tomorrow.
One of the packages is from a lady without a computer.... just goes to show the written word (as in paper and ink) is still powerful. Or is that the hearts' power?
See you tomorrow!