Friday, March 30, 2012

.....and the envelope please!

An envelope arrived which should have had that voice over Oscar kind of thing. It looked important as it came via Canterbury Museum (they have neat stationery) so I carried it in with all due pomp and circumstance! Nice idea but in reality I got it from the letterbox as I drove out, chucked it on the passenger seat and went about my day. For all of 10 minutes!
I stopped, I opened it and there they were.....all from Freeville School. I didn't count, I just read one after the other...I cried....why were they thanking me?
Because, I got to meet that bunch of great kids....they were in their classrooms when the devastation struck....I took your hearts there.....and it was there 300+ of your real hearts (and your stitched hearts) arrived home.
Thank you.


It is quiet on here but behind the scenes (as if there are several departments of activity) things are a happening.
This little bit appeared in my local newspaper. There has been several attempts by a few people to actually get it in our local news but for some reason it didn't rate! How exciting that it did get attention. To be fair it is one of the best articles about Hearts for Christchurch.... sensitively written and 99.999% accurate. The only reason I would have liked it to have been in the local news a little earlier was because it would have resulted in even more hearts being made! it is:

Monday, March 12, 2012


...Wagga Wagga, Australia. My first thought is the flooding over there.....a disaster for that area.
Thank you to Jenny and heartfelt hope you are okay and dry!

Superb hearts....

....from Snettisham, Norfolk, England. I should have shown you these hearts long before this but there has been 'issues' with the memory thingey in my camera. Usual advice about retrieval processes at increasing $ amounts.... seems a piece of cellotape works just fine!
A note with these hearts explains they are made by the stitchers of the Flying Geese Patchwork Group and they hung on a church Christmas tree. Now, here they are for hearts and homes in Christchurch.
Heartfelt thanks to all the makers.