Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am back in Napier ...awaiting me was a box of gorgeous hearts! They are from the UK and are delicious. I haven't unpacked my suitcase to find my camera! You know I like leaving you in suspense!

The two wonderful heart quilts have new homes. The one with the green floral border has gone to the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Unit at Burwood Hospital, Christchurch. This has been temporarily shifted into the Orthopaedic Surgical unit while earthquake damage to their 'proper' place is being fixed. I was also able to leave 60 hearts for the patients and staff.
Quilt 2 (with purple pansy border) is now in Ranui House. This is a facility by Christchurch Hospital where families and/or patients can stay while undergoing treatment at the hospital ... a home away from home for them.
I was introducing myself and about to unfold the quilt when the lady I was speaking to, picked up her cellphone and showed me a photo.... the very quilt I was about to hand to her. Yet another amazing moment in the hearts journey.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you have ....

.... any photographs of the Heart Giving? I had my camera but no time to take any! If you do, please can you email me with a pic or two.


The walls maybe bare.....

...... but hearts are full!
For more than 4 months the Hearts for Christchurch Exhibiton has reached the hearts of those who saw it. Over the weekend, as we gave away hearts, I was able to hear the stories of earthquakes and heart ache. Many people told me that they visited the exhibiton several lady went at least once a week.
The hearts have had a long journey. The gathering of them began a year ago, then there was the wait for the Canterbury Museum to reopen. The hearts sent a powerful message. Now, the hearts are with theirs new owners, every one of them exactly where it should be.
I know blogger is a bit of a mission to read recent comments so you have to be in scroll mode. Many of the hearts makers may also have stopped visiting here but I do hope you get to read the comments by our Christchurch heart owners.
The mini quilts have been distributed to schools, pre-schools and a Retirement home. They were very warmly received. Today I will take the two larger quilts....I will tell you later where they finish up....I'm hoping Ronald McDonald House and the Spinal unit at Burwood Hospital.
Tomorrow I will go home and every heart will be in Christchurch. Those that arrived after the exhibition were all part of a distribution of  about 400 hearts to Freeville School. I'll tell you more about that in a later post.
Happy comment reading!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What a day!

I don't know how to explain it to you.
Heart makers, find the post of your may see a comment or you may not....keep checking because you will.
You heart makers are being great people can know where your hearts are.....just arm yourself with tissues and know your heart will be filled.
I happily accept the wet shoulder I have....I hugged for you all.
Sometimes it was just a look .... The one when nothing can be said but more importantly doesn't need to be said.
NB: there is no such thing as waterproof mascara!

Trouble ....

.... In blog land!
Very surprising to visit here this morning and find (actually not find) last nights posts aren't on here.
Here is a link to be going on with while I try to make sense of it.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I forgot I have to moderate my own comments hence the lateness of the post below!
Judy has kindly offered me her iPad so I can keep you up to date with the heart happenings...
Of course I now covet an iPad!!!
First things first...I need a cuppa....back soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Memorial Service

I attended to Memorial Service yesterday. Thousands of people gathered in North Hagley Park. For me the most poignant part was the reading of the names of the victims of the earthquake. Spoken out loud this is a long list and highlighted just how many foreign visitors perished.
Today I was able to walk nearer the CBD than on my last's an uncanny feeling. This is a silent city. Small shrines in the places where people died, are a sobering reminder of tragedy. They sit lonely on vacant sites where once there was busy, vibrant city life. I also went over to Lyttelton, a favourite place of mine was barely recognisable, so much has gone.
Today was a shakey start to the day with a 4.1 earthquake at 5.20pm.


Air New Zealand accepted the extra suitcase at no charge!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In the nick of time!

I leave for the airport in less than an hour and these have arrived....had to get the camera out of my bag!
Heartfelt thanks to The Quilting Conspiracy in Silver Springs, Maryland.
The makers are Debra, Judy, Valerie, Susan, Mandy, Donna, Christine, Irene,Kathy and Marianne. Whew! I'm in a rush and have to remove something from the suitcase!
Pretty in pink!


.... I head to Christchurch today. One large suitcase is packed .... 300 plus hearts so clothes are looking an optioanl extra! I think I can squeeze in a few things (I hope)!
Later today I am attending the Blessing and preview of an exhbition "Canterbury Quakes" at Canterbury Mueum....and I get to see all the hearts again!
Tomorrow is the one year anniverasary of February's devasting earthquake.
On Friday the giveaway of the hearts begins year anniversary of the first heart!
First to be given away are the hearts by children and they are going to children at Freeville School. Groups of hearts have been made by schoolchildren around the world and these schools are now forging a relationship with each other. Added to them will be other childrens hearts, many made with the help of their Mum's or Grandma's.
I'll be back to tell you how the others are being distributed....that all happens Saturday and Sunday. I like to keep you in suspense. For those of you in Christchurch, it will be well advertised and I will post details on here when I get to Christchurch.
I am inviting you all along for the journey. It's your hearts that are warming hearts in Christchurch.
I hope the heart recipients will visit the blog and search out their new heart and they will find who made it and where it comes from. Wouldn't that be great? Perhaps some of you will get to know where your heart is!
Aroha nui.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Belated photos....

Here we go with the great hearts from Harewood Primary School. I was drawn to one particular style of embellishing....if you think there is enough,  add still more!
Thank you all for your creativity. Your hearts have enjoyed a small holiday in Napier and on Tuesday they will return to Christchurch with me.

For my International friends....

....try to pronounce this.... Kaukapakapa.
That is where these two lovely hearts are from. Thank you to Sheryl and Simon. They are in the box to travel to Christchurch with me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harewood Primary....

..... have sent a great bunch of hearts, very exciting ! (Have a bit of a soft spot for this lot).
So, I am ever so sorry I haven't posted the photos of the hearts....but I will. Photos taken, all set to upload.... just not my best work! Battery on charge, check back!
Already, I am packing my bags to travel to Christchurch.... so far 200+ hearts (no clothes)!
Do you think Air NZ can relax the one item of baggage rule....afterall one large suitcase is full of hearts???

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm off to Christchurch next week! Countdown to giving away all the lovely hearts.
I'm so excited!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two Woven Hearts....

....from Des Plaines, USA. Thank you very much, Karen.

From Coussey....

....which is in France. These lovely hearts are from the Hoen family. Made I am sure by Laure who together with her husband, Michael travelled New Zealand five years ago. They left here with a little Kiwi....Amandine, born 8 months after their trip!
Many thanks for these hearts and for the wonderful things you say about New Zealand.