Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lost and Alone

Hearts have arrived from many wonderful places but this one is an orphan. I discovered it in a bag of stuffing. It obviously hid in there while I was on a stuffing mission!
If it's yours, it has had a comfortable and cosy rest for some weeks!
Thank you to the maker.

Special fabric...

....is used in this heart. The picture doesn't do the colour justice. The fabric is from the Vestments at St Pauls Cathedral, London. No name of the maker though.
Many thanks. (I took the liberty of adding vintage, velvet ribbon to hang it by).

Funny place name....

....but great hearts! These are from Deb Blackmore in Dummer Lake (named after an Irish Lord), Ontario, Canada. They took there time getting here but I guess that was due to heavy Christmas volumes.
Heartfelt thanks, Deb.

Thank you also for the lovely star you included for me...it is on the tree!

Just before Christmas....

.... these two lovely hearts arrived from Eastbourne, Sussex, UK. Thank you very much, Janelle!