Sunday, November 25, 2012


How did these couple of hearts miss their photoshoot?
From Redditch in UK and made by Susan Tatlow. Thank you very much for the hearts and for the lovely letter with them.

Canterbury Quakes Exhibition

This exhibtion is now at the Otago Museum. Part of it is fabulous touch screen wizardry to allow you to view the Hearts for Christchurch Exhibition. Not quite as breath taking as the real thing but still amazing.

Little things....

Hearts for Christchurch still has an impact on my life. Just when I thought it was quiet forever but something has happened.
A call one morning from Annie, who thought I wouldn't remember her, but I do. I spent some time talking to her at the heart distribution and yes I talked to a lot of people. I can't remember phone numbers but I can remember the folks in Christchurch and the stories they shared with me and the tears they shed.
Annie and I are having lunch together tomorrow when she visits Napier....I never had any doubt she would be a person I would see again.
What is very exciting, is she will return to Christchurch with more hearts and their stories. I will let you know how they find their new owners.
The Christmas Hearts (scroll down to the ones from the Flying Geese ladies, UK) will go on a tree in Christchurch before finding their new homes.
There is yet another publication due out with an article on Hearts for Christchurch. I expected it by now but there has been a delay.
I'll be back to tell you about the latest hearts as they go to Christchurch. I do know many of the hearts will be hanging as Christmas decorations this year.....nice thought.

Lone heart had a bit of a wait.... get to me. It was sent to the museum and they arranged to send it to me. The museum had to close again (earthquake things) so it languished on Sarah's desk. It came to me in August and has had another languish!
This lovely pink heart is from South Australia....the card is signed from Natalie and John. Many thanks it certainly is never too late.