Monday, June 20, 2011

Sorry it took so long....

Finally, here are the hearts from Bridport in Dorset, UK. Many thanks to Shirley.


  1. To Shirley in Bridport,I chose the lovely pink felt heart with the lavender heart shaped button for my daughter, who is 4. She took one look at it and exclaimed "wow!". She would now like us to make some for her friends and said that we have to use heart buttons too. Her heart is hanging next to her bed. Thank you so much for your kindness, it really means a lot. We visited the exhibition in the museum several times, as one of the few indoor attractions that are open in Christchurch - although it was always a popular place for us to visit anyway. Heartfelt best wishes, Anne

  2. Dear Shirley in Bridport,
    I chose the heart with floral print on one side, orange with cream polka dots on the other, with a candy striped loop for my family. The oranges and reds are so jolly! It is now in our hallway in Shirley, Christchurch- from Shirley to Shirley- how's that for fate? Thank you so much for our heart and for your kindness. Best Wishes, Liz