Monday, April 16, 2012

In print again....

Hearts for Christchurch has appeared in the American Quilter magazine .... so I have heard from a couple of friends in the US but I haven't seen it. I did see a draft some months ago.
My fabric/stitch/quilting friends tell me it is a big deal to be in one of the largest selling magazines in the US and anything that raises awareness of all things Christchurch gets the big tick from me!

I have more hearts to photograph to show you and more will surely arrive as the AQ article and another due out in Australia will see more lovely hearts being made and sent.


  1. Evie
    I am so glad for you that your dedication to such a heart warming cause has been so publicly recognised.
    Are you still accepting hearts?

  2. Hi, my friend.
    Yes still accepting hearts....I simply have to! I have ways to get them distributed but can't manage another exhibition!