Sunday, November 25, 2012

Little things....

Hearts for Christchurch still has an impact on my life. Just when I thought it was quiet forever but something has happened.
A call one morning from Annie, who thought I wouldn't remember her, but I do. I spent some time talking to her at the heart distribution and yes I talked to a lot of people. I can't remember phone numbers but I can remember the folks in Christchurch and the stories they shared with me and the tears they shed.
Annie and I are having lunch together tomorrow when she visits Napier....I never had any doubt she would be a person I would see again.
What is very exciting, is she will return to Christchurch with more hearts and their stories. I will let you know how they find their new owners.
The Christmas Hearts (scroll down to the ones from the Flying Geese ladies, UK) will go on a tree in Christchurch before finding their new homes.
There is yet another publication due out with an article on Hearts for Christchurch. I expected it by now but there has been a delay.
I'll be back to tell you about the latest hearts as they go to Christchurch. I do know many of the hearts will be hanging as Christmas decorations this year.....nice thought.

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