Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Natalie has ....

.... been at it again.
I recognised this style of heart when this great package arrived. Many thanks, Natalie (Werribee, Australia) for another fantastic bunch of hearts.


  1. Dear Evie & Natalie - we just want to say thank you for our hearts. Today we chose two of your gorgeous blue hearts at the museum Natalie from Werribee, and my two gorgeous sons Luke (4yrs) and Ted (6yrs) are going to sleep tonight with them above their beds. This has really put a smile on our faces after a horrendous 18months. Friends lost, a home to rebuild and nerves shaken to the core - how wonderful to know there is so much love in the world. Thanks again - The Wards (CHCH)

  2. Dear Evie and Natalie, we also received one of your hearts (top picture, one of the ones with the blue buttons). We have hung them on the wall in our living room, as a reminder that others are thinking of us. We will treasure them, thank you very much!

  3. Thank you so much Natalie for the beautiful blue heart and the thoughtful message you wrote on it. Seeing all the hearts together brought tears to my eyes and it is just incredible to know how many people had sent their love and goodwill to us. I will treasure it.