Friday, August 26, 2011

Roll Call.

I am typing my fingers down to (or is it up to) my elbows. The names of every heart maker will be on record.... my handwritten book I used to record hearts as they arrived is a little untidy. I had to make all sorts of notes so I could work out which hearts were from who and have the correct photo number alongside, or hwich hearts needed stuffing etc.... but as a public record??? I think not!
I'm up to the 14th page of names and it is such fun revisiting you all. Lots of meandering down Memory Lane. I am useless at remembering phone numbers but these powerful hearts are etched in my brain and my heart.

I have a little something to show you.... more hearts but also two handmade books into which all the cards and letters have been added. Come back and visit for that....first I must carry on recording you all in a neat and tidy manner!!

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  1. Well done Evie! Nice photo of you and the hearts in the NZ Quilter, cheers