Friday, December 23, 2011


Today at 1.58pm a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch...followed some 20 minutes later by a magnitude 5.3 then an even worse, shallow one of 6 magnitude. The news reports are giving different timings on these, so I may have the times a bit wrong. The TV pictures are heart breaking to see..
It is so distressing for Christchurch folk who had hopes that the worst was over. Many were looking forward to some sort of normal Christmas!
Keep them in your thoughts.


  1. :-( Yes, we heard the sad news to the French TV who relayed information ... I hope this year will be smooth and that the earthquakes will stop near Christchurch ... We think so much to you and to this pretty town we visited in 2007 ... Our little hearts were sewn with our little kiwi, and they will fly to New Zealand in the coming days ...
    Laure, Michaël and Amandine (little kiwi) from France

  2. So wonderful - are you still accepting hearts? Would love to contribute if you are :)

  3. Yes will accept hearts. If they could arrive before about the 2oth Feb they will be included in the great distribution of them to mark the Anniversary of the Feb22nd quake. If not, they will still get to Christchurch under plan B!