Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hearts from Bulgaria

These hearts arrived today. The address is Sofia, Bulgaria. I am not sure how many makers there are but a couple of notes and the senders name mean I can name three.... Keti, Jenny and Kemu.... that is just a guess. However by visiting  I think it maybe a group effort.
Many thanks to you all.

Yana Boikova,
Dilyana Topolarova,
Tatiana Naidenova,
Ralitsa Boneva,
Jenny MacDonnald,
Ivanka Bogdanova
Keti Konstantinova-Dimitrova 


  1. Hi there... Sorry for not mentioning all the people that participated and supported your cause here in Bulgaria, but they all put a great love creating the hearts for you. We are a patchwork group called Patchwork BG. We hope you'll succeed in your noble cause and wish you the best of luck!

  2. More actually. Every different style is a different person, I think.
    The ladies from the shop organized it for all of us. Happy to see they arrived!

  3. If someone can email me the names at
    I will add the names to the post. I thought the different styles showed different makers so would love to know who you are.
    I can see the blog is followed in Bulgaria as there are quite a lot of page views from there. I enjoyed visiting the website and think that the makers must be in the photographs.