Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I know things are quiet on the blog now as we tail off towards the end of the Gathering of Hearts.
I still have a few photos to take and I have started taking more photos of the hearts all together. There are also some hearts in transit.
Please keep checking out this blog. I have exciting things to share with you. The details of their journey to Christchurch, their exibition details and their final journey into the hands of people in Christchurch, are about to be finalised.
I have handed over the cards and letters, that came with the hearts, to a creative lady who is making them into a book to travel with the hearts. Christchurch will get to see all your amazingly caring thoughts. Thanks, Puddle.
The heart blocks that arrived from Australia are now nearly completed quilts....thanks to Dorothy.
I'll be back later.

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  1. A wonderful idea to have a book made from the cards and letters. Maybe it could be donated to somewhere appropriate in Christchurch for display and reading - the tourist office or public library? (Councils tend to 'file' things). Somewhere people can actually look at it and know others care. Also I suggest some photos of the hearts display to put in the book too.