Thursday, July 21, 2011


.... all you tremendous hearts makers.

4001 HEARTS!!


  1. And when you think that it all started with one person saying what can I do? Your call for help to crafters everywhere snowballed into something fantastic for those who lost so much. I stand and applaud you, Evie. Thanks for letting me be a part of your project.

  2. It's amazing what one comment can do and you, and of course your stuffing team, are to be congratulated on overseeing and organising all the things that needed doing after the hearts arrived. I'm wondering what Christchurch will think when they see what is in their 'gift' boxes and also if there are some more lost hearts wandering around in a postal system somewhere.

  3. I agree with Robyn and Stephanie in that you should be really proud of yourself in organising this collection of hearts and hugs for Christchurch. We could not have done it without your organisation and wonderful photographs and progress reports.

    Best of all was when the hearts were gathered together in your room as we could all see for ourselves just how loved and cared for each heart was; and it was great fun trying to spot 'our' hearts.

    Thank you, Evie

    Sheila, Gwynedd, Wales