Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank you....

I read your wonderful comments. When I go to comment in the comment department, 'it' (as in whatever it is) doesn't recognise me! Don't you just love technology!
Anyhoo... thanks for the nice things you say. I was just one lone heart but you all made mine beat really, really fast!
There has been a slight oops for which I must apologise. The group pictures don't include shots of the flat hearts (as in unstuffed). They had moved to private apartments in comfortable boxes.
I soon discovered the more rotound hearts tended to squash their flatter counterparts leading to a bend or two. I was having none of that....all was sorted and the flat hearts were moved. They didn't come out for the photo shoot! I think they snoozed through the whole thing, being of the lying down persuassion!

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