Thursday, July 7, 2011

I keep thinking .....

..... that the last hearts have arrived and then I get another package.
What a surprise to find 40 hearts from my friend by association (my friend is her friend so her friend can be my friend too)! Heartfelt thanks to Jan in Northampton, UK.
(Lunch on me when I eventually get to visit Di).


  1. I today received one of the hearts in the bottom picture - the opposite side is pink and has a whale sitting upon a cloud. It has become a very welcome addition to the wall beside my bed. Many thanks and love to the sender.

  2. My four year old daughter fell in love with one of the hearts with a purple flower and butterfly (second photo from the bottom). It has graced the wall above her bed ever since. Sending much love, hugs and thanks to it's creator from us both.