Thursday, July 21, 2011

Embroiderers' Association of Canada

The card that came with these said the call went out to EAC members and this was their quick response. If you saw the post a couple below this you will know that the hearts actually were made and mailed in Canada over three months ago and have just arrived!
Heartfelt thanks to these great heart makers....their names are in the photos.

Thirty one fantastic hearts!


  1. I have just been into the musuem with my two daughters where we were offered the opportunity to select a heart. I have chosen the beautiful red velvet heart with the gold heart in the middle made by Marly Grunsten. I thank you for your heartfelt thoughts - we are very appreciative. The heart will hold pride of place in my bedroom.

  2. I was at the Musuem today with my 2 children and they were very excited to beable to pick a heart each (which I will beable to tell them in the morning where they were made) - The one I picked for myself was the lovely red velvet heart with the flowers on it (top photo) I love it - a nice way to finish off a tough week -I would like to say a big thank you for everyone involved it is nice to know so many people care about us- when I went to the Musuem in January and first saw the hearts I was very moved. Thanks XO Jill

  3. Hello, I was in the Museum today with my husband and 11 month old daughter. We love the hearts, when I first saw them several months ago, I was so touched to think of all the love, tenderness and care that had been sent to us. Today we three each chose a heart to take home, I chose a hand-made felt one with a little bell at the bottom.... so cherry and beautiful. Thank you so much Sue Thomas, your thoughtfulness means so much to me.

  4. Thank you Sue Thomas, all the way from Canada. I hope you do get to read this message (you sent the heart so long ago!) and know that it amazes me, a bit, to think that someone so far away was sending love to Christchurch and now it's hanging on the wall of my flat. A wall that is cracked, a bit, and the wallpaper is twisted because parts of the house have sunk, a little. I think the wall needed the extra support ;)

    The earthquake hit me pretty hard, and I spent a scary amount of time crying and having nightmares, when I wasn't boiling drinking water or shovelling silt. It wasn't till October that I started sleeping properly through the night. But now things feel like they're slowly coming together rather than slowly falling apart, and I'm glad that I have things like this heart on my wall to remind me the world is filled with surprising pockets of love.

    Thanks Canada, I'll come share the love over there one day <3