Friday, September 2, 2011

That was wishful.....

....thinking that I could sort it. Office closed at 9pm.
So I will just tell you some of the great stuff sans pics.
Today I was to be interviewed and I tried to sneak in early. I was spotted and got to meet more museum staff (met some last night). I then went to see the hearts. There was a lady taking pictures so I just had to chat. Turns out she is doing great things to encourage visitors to Christchurch so your hearts will become one of the things to do when visiting Christchurch.
A couple were looking at the hearts and I really had to say how I was involved.... they thanked me and hugged me .... I accepted both on your behalf.
If your ears were burning you will have been talked about.
Most of the hearts are stuffed but they aren't in a stuffy museum. Canterbury Museum is vibrant. Yes, the staff are decades and even centuries younger than the permanent displays but they are exactly what is needed in this shattered time.
Anyway, back to this morning. A school group came in. They looked and took inspiration from the hearts and will be making hearts to add to the display.
Some Japanese girls came in....I think they took pictures of each other in front of every section of the display.
Then it was TV interview for me. Haven't seen it yet but I know they took many, many shots of the hearts. I do know how to find it but can't do so until Monday then I will have a look and if I look good and spoke in coherrent sentences,I just might tell you!!


  1. Oh, tantalisingly close! I can't wait to see what they've done with them. Do you know which TV programme your interview is going to be on?

  2. Lol, difficult to imagine you having post interview nerves, Evie!

  3. Thank you for your efforts.Have enjoyed following the Hearts to Christchurch.

  4. Hope we will be able to see your interview and the hearts Evie.

  5. BTW the last comment was from me. Wouldn't let me post any other way!!!!