Thursday, February 23, 2012

Memorial Service

I attended to Memorial Service yesterday. Thousands of people gathered in North Hagley Park. For me the most poignant part was the reading of the names of the victims of the earthquake. Spoken out loud this is a long list and highlighted just how many foreign visitors perished.
Today I was able to walk nearer the CBD than on my last's an uncanny feeling. This is a silent city. Small shrines in the places where people died, are a sobering reminder of tragedy. They sit lonely on vacant sites where once there was busy, vibrant city life. I also went over to Lyttelton, a favourite place of mine was barely recognisable, so much has gone.
Today was a shakey start to the day with a 4.1 earthquake at 5.20pm.

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  1. We saw some film footage of the service on our news programme last night, over here in the UK. I was really moved by the sight of all those people standing there with a quiet dignity remembering that sad day a year earlier.
    I was shocked to see the cathedral still ruined and too dangerous to approach, and of vast areas of nothingness where buildings had once stood. My daughter had told me that it was really bad but I was not prepared for what I saw. So many brave people still living and working in the city. My son-in-law's family have now decided to move out of C'ch as they have already lost two houses in the last few years and had other houses damaged.
    I know the hearts will show those who receive them that people around the world are thinking about them and send a little *hug*.
    Unfortunately, my visit to NZ has been delayed until later this year due to my daughters' house not being complete. I was hoping to see the hearts on display in the museum.
    I look forward to seeing some pictures of the hearts being distributed.
    Could you let me know if there are any other projects to participate in?

    Many thanks

    Sheila Davis,
    Gwynedd, Wales, UK