Friday, February 24, 2012


I forgot I have to moderate my own comments hence the lateness of the post below!
Judy has kindly offered me her iPad so I can keep you up to date with the heart happenings...
Of course I now covet an iPad!!!
First things first...I need a cuppa....back soon.


  1. Hello Evie
    Thanks for coming to our school assembly today. My children have put together a bit of a podcast with some photos. If you visit our class blog you can view this. We blog quite a bit, so if the slideshow isn't on the front page you can also click on the label 'Earthquake' and it will all come up. Thanks so much for your inspirational endeavour. Elizabeth

  2. Hi Elizabeth
    I can't find it!
    I think Blogger is having a bit of fun with me as not a lot is working out for me. Great pics of children in The Press this morning.
    I had the best time at The school yesterday.

  3. Hi Evie
    Check out

    The children blogged up a post on Friday with a couple of pics. It's all still at the top of our blog page. Yes, a great photo in The Press on Saturday. Elizabeth