Saturday, February 25, 2012

What a day!

I don't know how to explain it to you.
Heart makers, find the post of your may see a comment or you may not....keep checking because you will.
You heart makers are being great people can know where your hearts are.....just arm yourself with tissues and know your heart will be filled.
I happily accept the wet shoulder I have....I hugged for you all.
Sometimes it was just a look .... The one when nothing can be said but more importantly doesn't need to be said.
NB: there is no such thing as waterproof mascara!


  1. Evie I just want to say what a beautiful heart you have to have come up with this idea, and all the heart makers too. My daughters and I came into the muesum today and my daughters and I were allowed to choose a heart to take home, my daughters have gone to bed with their hearts close by feeling very happy and well loved because of the thought and time you all took, I feel over flowing with love, knowing we are thought of and do not need to feel we are a city on our own, we have a world full of people thinking of us and sharing what we have been through with love and understanding as your hearts show. Thank you so so much, words are not enough to express how these hearts have touched our hearts. With all our love back to all of you, and a big hug especially you Evie for having this heartfelt idea!!!

  2. Evie what you have done with this project...what you have done is deserve that wet shoulder, you deserve all those hugs...I thank you for the opportunity you created to contribute in a small way (individually not small in the collective) to the people of Christchurch.

  3. My daughters (3&3/4 and 5) and I went to the museum to see the Butterflies this morning. We were so touched to see the hearts being given to Christchurch children. We have visited the hearts regularly and chosen our favourites, but today they could take one home. Such a prized possession. It means so much to know that someone out there cares. It has been a hard week. Everyone has been on edge. This means so much. Thank you all for taking the time to show you care. We are also delivering one of your hearts to daycare on Monday. Thanks again from Samantha, Jessica and Philippa of Christchurch.

  4. What an amazing show of love and support from around NZ and the world. My family were in the Museum today and my two beautiful children now have two beautiful hearts by their beds.I was amazed at the scale of your incredible project. It means so much to know that others have cared enough to take the time to make these hearts. Thankyou Evie and all those have made these beautiful hearts.

  5. Thank you Carol, Papatoetoe, Auckland NZ (13.03.11)for my beautiful heart - I got your calico one with the lilac butterflies and wee purple loveheart button on it. It is now hanging in my house in Burnside, West Christchurch. And thank you Evie for your wonderful idea, and all the many people around the world who have contributed. Your warm thoughts are now in our homes.


  6. I am not sure where to post this, but today I received a heart when visiting the Canterbury Museum,and from what I can find on this site, it is from

    Lindsay in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.

    Thank you very Much.

    Paulette from Christchurch.

    1. Hello Paulette. I'm glad you liked the heart.
      It was nice to get your message.
      Best wishes. Lindsay.

  7. I chose a heart at the museum on Saturday & the one thing amiss in the display is that there weren't any tissues available! It is all so fabulous.

    I am deeply touched and would love to thank some lady somewhere in the world for this magnificent gesture. Where can I look to source the persons details please?

    1. Hi Elizabeth
      You can Hunt your Heart! Every heart was photographed when it arrived, so a leisurely scroll through the pages of this blog will reveal the maker of your heart and where it came from. I do have physical addresses of most of the senders but they are at home and I am still in Christchurch. A few people did add their email addresses.
      The lack of tissues was a problem ...there is no delicate way to sniff!
      Enjoy your heart.
      Warm Regards