Tuesday, February 21, 2012


.... I head to Christchurch today. One large suitcase is packed .... 300 plus hearts so clothes are looking an optioanl extra! I think I can squeeze in a few things (I hope)!
Later today I am attending the Blessing and preview of an exhbition "Canterbury Quakes" at Canterbury Mueum....and I get to see all the hearts again!
Tomorrow is the one year anniverasary of February's devasting earthquake.
On Friday the giveaway of the hearts begins ....one year anniversary of the first heart!
First to be given away are the hearts by children and they are going to children at Freeville School. Groups of hearts have been made by schoolchildren around the world and these schools are now forging a relationship with each other. Added to them will be other childrens hearts, many made with the help of their Mum's or Grandma's.
I'll be back to tell you how the others are being distributed....that all happens Saturday and Sunday. I like to keep you in suspense. For those of you in Christchurch, it will be well advertised and I will post details on here when I get to Christchurch.
I am inviting you all along for the journey. It's your hearts that are warming hearts in Christchurch.
I hope the heart recipients will visit the blog and search out their new heart and they will find who made it and where it comes from. Wouldn't that be great? Perhaps some of you will get to know where your heart is!
Aroha nui.


  1. How large a 'carry on' bag are you allowed on the plane? At least you'll have plenty of room for a fabric shopping spree on the return trip!
    Hoping the anniversary marks the end of any more quakes. I also hope the recipients visit the blog as I forgot to even write the state in Australia mine were sent from.

  2. This is the first anniversary of the earthquake in Christchurch :-( ... No candles on a cake, but thousands of hearts from around the world ; they just say all our love and our affection to the people of New Zealand ... Yes, it would please me to know where and with who went our little hearts ... :-)
    Best regards from France <3
    Laure, Michaël et Amandine-kiwie

  3. Bonjour Laure, Michael et Amandine (la petite Kiwi!),
    We are a family living on the Port Hills of Christchurch. Today we were fortunate to be able to meet Evie and see the gorgeous miracle of hearts she has created for us all here in Christchurch. Our three children were able to choose a heart each to take home and hang in their rooms. Although we did not choose one of your beautiful ones (I have seen them here in the blog!), we just wanted to say how it touched us to know that we were being thought of by so many families around the world. A year on from the day that changed our lives, these hearts have made a difference. Merci beaucoup. The Hayes Family

  4. Dear Hayes Family, Chère Famille Hayes ...
    I do not speak English very well, so excuse my mistakes ... I am very moved by your words, I have tears in my eyes ... Since our stay in your beautiful country, we fell in love with New Zealand ... Our footsteps (or rather our campervan!) took us to Christchurch, this pretty town so peaceful, on a beautiful sunny day ... We enjoyed visiting the cathedral and climb the tower, take a fish and chips in the square outside, we walk along the Avon, under the huge willows ... It was the day of Saint Patrick in 2007 and I still hear the Irish music to escape from a bar near the cathedral ... NZ has truly become our country of heart and not a day goes without our thoughts are turned to you ... It is therefore natural that we chose to participate in the Evie's call for Christchurch ... He could not be otherwise ... We hope you get to reorganize life in Christchurch and that the reconstructon will be possible ... We wish you the best for the future ...
    <3 Laure and the Hoen Family :-)