Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harewood Primary....

..... have sent a great bunch of hearts, very exciting ! (Have a bit of a soft spot for this lot).
So, I am ever so sorry I haven't posted the photos of the hearts....but I will. Photos taken, all set to upload.... just not my best work! Battery on charge, check back!
Already, I am packing my bags to travel to Christchurch.... so far 200+ hearts (no clothes)!
Do you think Air NZ can relax the one item of baggage rule....afterall one large suitcase is full of hearts???


  1. Surely they can curve the rules a bit as the hearts wouldn't weigh as much as clothing? Lol, how many days can you stretch a top and a pair of pants to without laundering? You may have to leave out the pj's and sleep in your birthday suit!

  2. One full of hearts ?? YU UHHHH !!!! :-D