Monday, February 27, 2012

The walls maybe bare.....

...... but hearts are full!
For more than 4 months the Hearts for Christchurch Exhibiton has reached the hearts of those who saw it. Over the weekend, as we gave away hearts, I was able to hear the stories of earthquakes and heart ache. Many people told me that they visited the exhibiton several lady went at least once a week.
The hearts have had a long journey. The gathering of them began a year ago, then there was the wait for the Canterbury Museum to reopen. The hearts sent a powerful message. Now, the hearts are with theirs new owners, every one of them exactly where it should be.
I know blogger is a bit of a mission to read recent comments so you have to be in scroll mode. Many of the hearts makers may also have stopped visiting here but I do hope you get to read the comments by our Christchurch heart owners.
The mini quilts have been distributed to schools, pre-schools and a Retirement home. They were very warmly received. Today I will take the two larger quilts....I will tell you later where they finish up....I'm hoping Ronald McDonald House and the Spinal unit at Burwood Hospital.
Tomorrow I will go home and every heart will be in Christchurch. Those that arrived after the exhibition were all part of a distribution of  about 400 hearts to Freeville School. I'll tell you more about that in a later post.
Happy comment reading!

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  1. Evie, thank you, thank you for everything you have done with showing Christchurch the care and thoughts out there with the beautiful hearts we have seen at the Museum. The exhibition was so beautiful in the beauty and in the care and thoughts of so many people around NZ and the world. I was blown away by it. Last week our 8 yr old son who goes to Freeville School and who was in his classroom in Feb EQ when it got damaged and subsequently demolished was very moved(as we are) by the heart he received to show the care and thoughts of others. Thanks again for the idea, the organizing etc etc and all those lovely people out there whose hearts have shown us their care and thoughts ♥Leonie,North New Brighton