Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Australia & US

A selection of hearts.....

The left heart with the embroidered words is from Coleen, Coorparoo, Australia.
Next to that, in the middle is a quilted heart from Diane in Pearce, Arizona.
Love & Hope next to that, on the right, is a floral heart from Regina in Massachusetts, USA.
Nestled at the bottom is a wee cutie from Denver, Colorado...only a last name, Mahaffey
Many thanks to you all.

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  1. This is Mary who blogs as Colorado Stitcher (www.acoloradostitcher.blogspot.com) to claim the "wee cutie from Denver". I would loved to have made you more, but we were (and are) in the midst of moving - boxes, boxes everywhere! My stiching/sewing studio is boxed to the max.

    Great to see the continued outpouring of support for your project. Can't wait to find out a final tally and what you are able to do with them.