Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Los puntadas del alma.....

.... Stitches of the Soul.
A group at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.
Whilst I am name dropping, let me add Karen Musgrave, an artistic, internet friend of mine.
Amazing contibution..... heartfelt thanks.

Karen's wooden hearts. I feel a song coming on....a bit of Elvis.

Forty one fabric hearts and seven wooden ones.

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  1. Hello, my name is Caitlin and I have been living in CHCH for 15 harrowing months. At the time of the February quake, I was at my home in Lyttelton, very very close to the epicentre. I went to the Canterbury museum today with my husband and brother and was so delighted to see all these hand crafted hearts. I chose the purple one that says, "Love Chicago USA Martha" as I grew up in the Chicago area. And lived there until I departed for NZ. I have been terribly homesick through it all, but knowing that generous people worldwide, and even in Chi Town , have been sending their love to us here in this broken city is just so wonderful. Thank you so much. Xoxo