Wednesday, April 20, 2011


.... another pronounciation challenge! North of Auckland but now part of the new Auckland Super City. (In the making)!
These from a super maker.....spots and stripes from Anne. There are 9 of them! Thank you very much.


  1. Hi, I recently received a beautiful quilt for my newborn baby from the Waitakere quilters, via my midwife... ( my baby was born just after the Christchurch quake ). I would love to say thank you and email some photos of baby Luca on his amazing quilt but not sure who to contact... Can you help me out with this?

    Kind regards
    Megan Ford,Christchurch

  2. Congratulations on your new baby. The stitching world will often anonymously do things, like sending quilts and hearts, but maybe someone from that group will see this and respond through this blog. In the meantime how about sending me some pics and they can go on this blog? That maybe all the acknowledgement the quilt makers will want. Plus everyone would love to see your beautiful post quake baby.
    Email to