Friday, April 29, 2011

Stay Strong....

.... is the message on each of these hearts. Lots of thanks to Barb from Geraldine, NZ.


  1. Hello,
    We are the Hayes Family from Mt Pleasant on Christchurch's Port Hills. This morning (Saturday 25th Feb 2012) we were biking around Hagley Park with our three children and stopped in at the Museum. We were absolutely delighted to be able to meet you and receive one of your treasured hearts for each of our boys. I've just located the gorgeous black heart with the polka dots and orange and yellow circles which is now tightly in our youngest one's hand. We'd like to send our "heart" -felt thanks to Barb from Geraldine and let her know that one of her hearts now has a special new home. Our home in Mt Pleasant was 3.7km from February's epicenter and, like most homes in Mt Pleasant, it was severely damaged. What you have all given us is beyond words. Thank you.

  2. My 9 yr old daughter today recieved one of your beautiful hearts and we would just like to say Thank you so much for the thought and love that went into making this, we would like to return the love. We live in St Martins Christchurch and have been very lucky with our house, the girls are very brave with aftershocks and were very brave last year in the big one. To have these hearts in their rooms now close to their beds at night is wonderful because it lets them know people are thinking of them whenever we get aftershocks and we are not alone in going through these. So a huge thank you. It means so much to us what you have all done.

  3. My 2 year old daughter Sofia recieved one of your beautiful pink and flowery hearts today. She is a very brave wee girl but is very scared of earthquakes and too young to understand. But she did understand that someone had made the hearts because of the earthquake.She clutched it to her as we walked around the museum and now it shall reside by her bed as a reminder of how kind people are and of how much they care. Thankyou so much.