Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dunfermline Quilters.....

.....Fife, Scotland.
I'll own up to a bit of 'dampness of the eyes' when I opened this package. The NZ/ Scotland connection for some makers of these hearts is huge and shows in every stitch on these hearts. Me being of the Scottish persuassion, a little tartan is heart warming but there is a whole lot of very personal love in this shipment of hearts. Huge, heartfelt thanks.

Check out the embroidery....see the Kiwi? Map of NZ? Maori icecream?
These hearts are made by Linda.....she has a daughter, son-in-law and 3 small Grandsons living in Timaru.
We are such a small country, we think of Timaru being within 'spitting distance' of Christchurch.....I can imagine your worry when you heard of the quake.

Apparently, daughters & grandchildren in NZ is a common thread.
Here are Margaret's hearts: (daughter and grandchildren here).
Then we have Jeanette's hearts....also with a daughter and grandchildren in NZ
The notes said 'daughters' so I have allocated you one each....maybe you have more than one each living here??

From the rest of the box, only two were named. These are from Muriel....
Can't go wrong with tartan and scottie dogs! Many thanks.

Now to the very lovely unsigned ones. A great collection. Heartfelt thanks.

Whew! Thanks again to you all.

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