Saturday, April 23, 2011

Castle Quilters...

..... United Kingdom.
Our NZ Post may not have been doing Easter Saturday deliveries but the couriers were, so this was a nice surprise delivery of 16 hearts from across the oceans.

Heartfelt thanks to Marion, Rosie and a signature I have to guess.... a wonderful flourish signature so apologies if I am incorrect but I think Casey ??? (All the hearts in the top picture).
Many thanks to Jules....a Kiwi (from Auckland) living in Surrey.... for making this contribution happen.


  1. It's lovely viewing all the variety in the hearts and watching the numbers rise by the 100's. The next week will be interesting.

  2. Dear Rosie - I picked your purple heart today from Evie at the museum. my name is Alessandra and I am 8 years old. The earthquakes were really scary. It was also scary as it was my first experience of a big earthquake. I chose your heart becuase when our house gets rebuilt i am allowed to paint my room purple and this will remind me of the earthquake and how kind people were to us.

    Thank you Love Alessandra

  3. Hi rosie my name is Corinne and I am 7 years old. Thank you for making this heart. I chose your heart because it is beautiful and it is special to me because i used to live in christchurch and i can't live in my house anymore. the heart is snuggley and i sleep with it. It reminds me of christchhurch.It is sad about Christchurch but i hope to live there again. Love Corinne