Thursday, April 14, 2011


.... all of today's hearts.
The 'bunches of hearts' photographs are ready to be posted, but each and every heart that arrives, deserves its own time in the spotlight. Bunches can wait.


  1. Just read about this project today. I see the deadline is looming. I will sew over the week-end and mail what I have finished on Monday. Surely they will make it in time from the USA?
    Hope so, I really want to join in.

  2. I am they will arrive in time....I do have a back up plan for any stragglers because the hearts will spend time in transit to Christchurch and in preparation to be exhibited.
    Any really late arrivals could miss being exhibited but will certainly find their way to Christchurch and their new owners.
    Thank you for joining in.

  3. First part of the above comment, should read I am sure they will arrive in time....