Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy Bee Quilters.... Fife, Scotland. We already have a wonderful selection from this part of the world. Both packages have been sent by Margaret and the first shipment is under the post Dunfermline Quilters. No matter, if you are one, two or however many groups your hearts are great, both the ones that beat and the ones that crossed the world. Many, many thanks.
Only a couple of pictures to show you as there are 24 yet to be stuffed. The stuffing bag looks periously low on white fluffy stuff but I'll see how many I get done before having to get the 6th bag of stuffing!

I grouped the next ones in a Christmas selection.

Makers are: Christine T, Christine F, Chrissie, Muriel, Sandra, Chrys, Jane & Carol

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  1. Thank you to Christine F - for her kind thoughts for our city and the lovely heart - I took my two sons to the Canterbury Museum today to see the earthquake exhibition and we were delighted to discover we were able to choose heart to take home. My son Nate, (aged 9)chose yours Christine (the one on the left of the photo above)- "because it looks Christmassy and it's from Scotland, which is a long way away." I had to wipe away a few tears to see how much love had come from around the world for Christchurch. He is hanging it in his room and it will go on our tree at Christmas. Thank you again. Sarah