Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CQs and their journey.....

The following hearts arrived from Julia Camilleri, Western Australia. I have included her note at the bottom. Many thanks.

A few years ago I was in a Yahoo Chain of Hearts Group with girls from all over the world, we made CQ hearts to swap with each other....it was a lovely group of girls but like many things, we tend to move on to other things. I was lucky enough to receive many beauitful hearts....so many in fact I didn't know what to do with them, it seems such a shame to have them put away in a cupboard and forgotton....so I thought to make hearts for NZ....with all the sadness in NZ, I am passing them on to someone there, in the hope they will cheer and make someone smile as they have me. Sincere regards
Julia Camilleri
The names on the hearts are May, Norway, Dee, Idaho, Karen, Louiseville, Bev, Kentucky, Susan, USA and Kathleen, Pheonix
Heartfelt thanks.


  1. CQ is the abbreviation of Crazy Quilting.
    You will see it is made up of different shaped fabrics and the seams and any other bits are embellished/embroidered/generally stitched & decorated....it's a very unique style of stitching with a huge following. CQ makes wonderful hearts.

  2. My pleasure to send the hearts Evie..
    Please thank the girls that stuffed them..
    In my thoughts..
    Julia ♥

  3. I had the pleasure of stuffing them!
    I enjoy doing the stuffing...that way I get them ready for photgraphing quicker! Mind you, anyone coming to my house does not have idle hands for long!