Monday, March 14, 2011

Today's mail....

A nice pile of mail was waiting when I got home. Most of it requires a journey to the stuffing department, There is also a great donation of heart fabric and associated bits from Cherrill Strohl, Tacoma, USA. Keep an eye out for when that fabric becomes hearts.
One parcel was opened by MAF (Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries), NZ....they got to check out some fabulous CQ'd hearts (now in the stuffing area). The lavender hearts (2nd pic) from Australia, sailed through and how a couple of 'Lucky Buckeyes" from Ohio got through., I have no idea!!
Please, let's be careful with what you send. NZ has strict bio security, as it should. However, now that the lucky Buckeyes are here, I will have one keep the hearts company and one keep me company until they both go to Christchurch.

Three beauties from Wellington, NZ. Thank you Shirley Earles.

These are from Jen Pezaro, Surfers Paradise, Australia

A heart each from....on the left Judy Traill, ACT, Australia and on the right, Sue Collins, WA, Australia
Many thanks.

Hearts from Susi Soler....with Lucky Buckeyes.
Many thanks.

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  1. I chose the left one from Jen Pezaro. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts. It is beautiful. Meg