Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Felt Fiesta.....

Jill in Lower Hutt has sent more of her felted wonders....
Huge thanks for your hearts and your passion for the "giving of love through our process of hand making and stitching fibre".

Hearty thanks!


  1. Saw the dark red, maroon one in person ... Stunning!

  2. Dear Jill,

    Thank you for your beautiful hearts. When I saw all the hearts on the wall at the museum, the thought that so many people had taken the time to think about us in such a creative way, brought me to tears. All together, in their array of colours, really was something special.
    Life's been scary, stressful, and sad lately...these magical little hearts remind me that we are not alone and people care.
    I took my son to visit the new earthquake display at the museum today. I was lucky to get to take home one of your red felt hearts.
    This little heart will be with me always now and remind me to smile, be happy and look forward to a brighter future.
    Thanks, Janine