Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fantastic Felt!

This selection came from Jill, Lower Hutt, NZ. Many of you will recognise this style and know exactly who made them.
Heart felt thanks!


  1. Thank you for the love and empathy you have shown through crafting these beautiful hearts. Evie has
    co-ordinated a very special project and to see 4000+ hearts on display around the walls of the Museum was a wonderful, but moving sight. I visited a number of times, and enjoyed looking at the variety of handwork, reading the messages and sharing the love which they all gave. It’s been a great comfort to know people around NZ and the world have been thinking of us over recent months. The felted heart I chose (in the second bottom photo, with the purple hanger) will always remain a treasure.

    1. Was it you that I gave the name of the felter? The half wrong name? Why on earth I said Liz knowing full well it is Jill, I will never know!!Blame it on the overwhelming emotion of the day even though I saw you quite early on.
      Best Regards

    2. It was me, but I concluded it should be Jill, after viewing this site! Thanks Evie for all your efforts and the organisation of such a mammoth project. The response you received over the weekend must have been very rewarding for you. Regards, Lynda

  2. thank you for the heart. i have the peach one in the last photo. elise age 10