Thursday, March 17, 2011

From North Carolina

These hearts were sent by Cindy Peck. I have scanned the picture that came with them  so you can see the creators stitching away. I don't have their names but many thanks to Cindy and all the stitchers.

One heart was unfinished, with needle and thread still attached so I have taken the liberty of adding an embellishment or two.


  1. This is the only blog I have trouble keeping up to date with, but I think that is a good thing :). I'm still going to send hearts but I have another addition to send with them that needs completing.

  2. Here's me thinking I would have been sitting about making hearts but I seem to blog more than I stitch but that's okay. It is important to share the hearts as they arrive. Every stitch is a thought for Christchurch and so is every view of this blog.
    Thanks for being involved.

  3. My 6 year old daugther is now the proud owner of the purple heart with red roses on it - she didn't take very long to pick which one she would like to take home. She was very proud to take it to school on Monday as her news to share the love and tell them it had come from USA - thanks you for thinking of us in Christchurch and sharing some love it has made a different. XO Jill