Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Underway and where they're at.

A status report.
Ten hearts just stuffed....arm of my chair. (Seams yet to be stitched).
20 hearts ready to be joined.... sewing machine table.
8 hearts needing stuffing gap stitched.... dining room table.
10 Hearts poised for photographing....cutting mat on lounge floor.
Large amount of gifted fabric ready to be cut into hearts....studio cutting table. (Then they will be in any of the above locations)!
It's all coming along very nicely!

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  1. Evie, is there a deadline or a plan for when you will deliver these hearts?

  2. The plan is the hearts are taken to Christchurch, displayed all together and then given away. There will be a deadline that I should be able to confirm shortly. Much depends on the venue to display the hearts given the many damaged buildings in Christchurch. So, first the venue confirmation then the deadline. You have a few weeks yet.