Friday, March 18, 2011

Group contribution....

Sent by Barbara in Virginia, US. Created by the members of her local Quilting chapter, Reston QU. Thank you all very much and Kia Ora to your Kiwi member.


  1. Dear Barbara from Reston QU - thank you for my heart - today Evie was giving them away to CHCH citizens and I chose the pink one here with the braid around the edges. We were right near the epicentre of the first Sept Quake and with 3 little children it was the most frightening way to be woken. For days afterwards we tried to deal with the destruction and stress without worrying the kids. How wonderful to receive a gift like this that will now go on the wall of the shipping container we will ive in while our house is rebuilt. Thank you from CHCH Anne-maree.

  2. Hi Barbara, yesterday we went to the Museum with our 11 month old daughter Heidi, she picked up the little blue heart with the pink bird on it up from the table and she wouldn't put it down! Thanks so much to your quilting chapter, the heart now hangs above her cot and in the coming years we will love to tell her the story of where it came from.