Thursday, March 3, 2011


I love my Inbox! It is the most heart warming place I visit....that and my actual mailbox where I find amazing hearts!


  1. Hi there...Count on Hearts arriving from TEXAS - USA

  2. I have shared this on the Quilting Gallery facebook page. She has a database of 5000 quilting bloggers so hopefully you will be getting a few more international hearts.
    I had a tidy up of the garage just last weekend and found a bag of stuffing. It must have known I would need it!

  3. Wow! 5000 quilting blogs! That really is spreading the word! Hearty thanks. You were meant to find that stuffing!
    Jeannie, thank you. When hearts arrive I will post pics on here so you will know of their safe arrival.

  4. Evie and Rona, I'd be happy to add it as a blog post too. Can I share a couple of your photos too? Did you want to do a short write up for me in your own words?

    Quilting Gallery

  5. Thanks, Michelle. I have emailed you.

  6. I just saw Michele's post on FB about this. I will make a few hearts and send them on their way next week. :-) I love the idea of sending messages with them!