Sunday, March 6, 2011


No mail delivery today so no new photos to post.
I am heartened by the number of views the blog is getting. Thanks again to all you lovely people for spreading the word.


  1. wonderful idea. I will make some hand felted ones today and let other felters know.
    If i could make a small suggestion it would be helpful for people who may stumble across this Blog to have a little more information in the header or side bar rather than having to go through all the posts to find dimensions etc and the suggestion to make them fit into an envelope.

  2. Good idea...working on it. I just tried to be clever and the blog beat me!

  3. Hi Evie
    I'm making some hearts I just found out about this yesterday. Is there a deadline? I'm trying to hurry!
    This is a great idea, I love it and have shared it on my facebook page.


  4. Julie, my apologies I haven't reponded to your comment. I usually check to make sure I have but I missed you. Because of the response Internationally I am allowing plenty of postage time. I envisage the collection running to the end of April and the hearts going to Christchurch, being displayed then given away in May. I will know more on the timing when I confirm where they will be exhibited. They are going to make a powerful and heart warming display.