Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where will they all go?

The hearts will be taken to Christchurch. One idea gathering strong support is to hang them all together for a period of time. The people of Christchurch will be able to see where the hearts come from and read any messages on them. Given the destruction in Christchurch we can't confirm a venue or timing. Much will depend on the number of hearts. A display of  hearts will be a powerful thing.
Then we give them to as many Christchurch people as there are hearts.
Christchurch may decide to keep them together so all can see them.
Or, if, we get 400,000 everyone can get one!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Evie,

    Thank you for your wonderful idea and all your hard work, it is VERY much appreciated.
    When I first saw the hearts displayed at the museum it brought me to tears.
    I hope you got to see them displayed all together.
    I will keep and treasure my heart talisman to remind me to smile and get me through the crazy life we Cantabrians have found ourselves in.
    Many, many thanks x